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Sicily Blend 3-liters tin


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Sicily Blend 3-liters tin: high quality and great taste

FeelAri Sicily Blend is more than a Sicilian olive oil blend. It’s a real journey through the essence of this land, which allows us to find again its wildest and deepest roots.

From the fruits of our marvelous olive tree we produce Feelari Sicily Blend, born from the union of two exceptional cultivars: Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla. This 3-liters tin contains a unique olive oil with a rich and singular flavor, which goes along perfectly with every kind of plate and enriches its taste. Plants grow in a Mediterranean climate, on an average clay soil that provides the right nutritional substances and allows each type to develop its best characteristics.

The flavor is full-bodied, with a color tending towards deep green. Its scent is persistent, with fruity and slightly floral aromas that are immediately released at the very first smell.
Experts will be able to smell an aftertaste of almond, artichoke and green apple, as well as a slight spiciness that adds flavor to any dishes, both meat and fished-based, as well as a simple slice of bread for gourmet masterpiece tasting.
This is quite a large tin with long-time lasting, as just a drizzle of oil is enough to enhance the dishes. Aromas are strong and very clear, although properly balanced in this Italian gastronomic excellence.



Organoleptic qualities

Feelari Sicily Blend oil tastes on the palate with a slight spicy aftertaste, which embraces all the mouth and pleases the tasting experience itself. It is, as well, a healthy product: it is rich in nutritional elements, but free of harmful fats.
It can be used as a raw ingredient on any dish, in order to glorify its taste without covering the original flavor, but indeed releasing its aromas. Otherwise, it can also be cooked during the preparation of food.
This olive oil leaves the palate with a freshly cut grass flavor, with a bitter and spicy hint that doesn’t ruin the taste, but instead keeps all the experience really interesting.

A special concern for the environment

It’s really important for us to take great care of the environment while producing a good product for our customers. It is not in our will to exploit this territory, so we treat it with consciousness without harming or damaging it.
Olive plants grow in a hilly and clay soil, which gives olives a low degree of acidity and their inner aromas.
The soil itself is treated without fertilizers or chemical substances, letting its composition and the sun do all the work, waiting for the olives to ripen for the following harvest. Harvesting is executed with traditional methods and techniques and following the natural rhythms of nature, handed down from generation to generation, with the help of more modern machinery to speed up the process.

Quality preservation

The aim of our oil blend is to bring together different qualities of olives, in order to create a unique product that carries all the best characteristics of the different varieties.

Our Sicily Blend wants to go back to the roots, with its wild attitude, untamable in time, shown in our gastronomy production.
Find out how a single dressing can be able to enhance the taste of dishes, from simple to more complex ones, giving character and flavor.



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