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Officine Kaggiotto

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Officine Kaggiotto, at the very heart of Sicily

This is a story about a company which aims to do more than just create a product. We want to tell how much we love this land, how grateful we are for its gifts and how much we want to recover the original bond with this land.

This is how FeelAir was born and conceived.

FeelAri: a tasting-love olive oil

FeelAir is the name given to our original Sicilian olive oils and a tribute to the preciousness of the flavors and our bond with the territory of Piana degli Albanesi.

FeelAri has a double meaning: Fillë ariari is how the distinctive golden thread of the arbëreshë clothes is called, but we also want to underline the “Feel”part, since all our vegetable oils drive us to a profound sensory journey.

The arbëreshë clothes golden thread resembles the image of the trickle of oil, that dresses most of the dishes in the Mediterranean cooking tradition.

Oil is an invaluable treasure, with many nuances that become clear to the mouth only if you’re really able to give the right amount of attention to it. Anyone who’s ready to do that, will be pleased with the unique beauty of this ingredient.

Our roots

FeelAir is fully absorbed in the long-lasting arbëreshë culture. The land richly feeds the olive trees in Contrada Kaggiotto, once a feud, in Piana degli Albanesi, 40 kilometers from Palermo.

The olive grove is located above a hill, under the Kumeta mountain and to the side of the Belice river.

The olive oil is fed with the tradition of our territory and takes its strengths from it. We deeply respect this land and this is why we decided to produce only organic olive oil.

All the steps of production, from the plantation to the bottling, are followed with great regards towards the ground and the product.

Behind the label

Fillë ari is the name of the particular golden thread present in traditional arbëreshë clothes.

Feel, to discover the sensory journey that our oil offers.

Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla or an all-Sicilian Blend?
To you the choice.

A simple olive juice. No use of solvents.
Gently EVO.

Officine Kaggiotto: more than a brand.
An agricultural laboratory where
traditions, ideas and experimentation meet.

Mediterranean and nourishing.
Free of carbohydrates, sugars, fibers, proteins and salt.
Rich in vitamin E.

Organic certificate.
We are proudly indigenous.
Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not part
of our agricultural culture.

IGP Sicily certificate.
The territory is our strength.

Our oil is produced with only Sicilian olives.

The “organic” logo can be used only on products that gained the certification as organic by an authorized inspection body or agency. In order to obtain it, the products have to meet strict conditions for production, processing, transportation and storage. The logo can only be used on products that contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients and also meet strict conditions for the remaining 5 percent.

The PGI certification emphasizes the relationship between the specific geographical region and the product name, when a specific quality, reputation or other particular characteristic is essentially attributable to the geographical origin.